Further buildings

The boathouse (Darsena) was constructed in 1885 by request of Luigia Vigoni, following the plans designed by her son Giulio. It is situated in the southern outskirts of Menaggio on the bank of Lake Como. Its architecture has conserved the typical style of northern Italian darsenas of the fin de siècle period, but it was enlarged by a spacious loggia in the 20th century. The Darsena’s landing stage offers space for several boats.
The recent renovation has brought forward the original external decorations of the building.
True to its origins, the Darsena is used today as a guest house in the framework of the activities of the German-Italian centre. 

Ca’ Bianca
The „Ca‘ Bianca“ („white house“) is situated in the outskirts of the woods. It is characterized by a breathtaking view of the two arms of Lake Como. The building was erected in the 1940s, following plans designed by Ignazio Vigoni and his cousin, the architect Giulio Richard. The building picks up typical decorative and constructional elements of the regional architecture: the form of the roof, the front made of rough plaster as well as the interior design with its wooden panels and an open fireplace are characteristic for the Lake Como area.

The „Scuderia“ – a former horse stable – was designed in 1860 by Giuseppe Balzaretti. The eclectic building is located in the western part of the park and can be reached by an own access road.
Today the „Scuderia“-building hosts a meeting room with the necessary technical equipment for audio-video-presentations and simultaneous translation.

Casetta Svizzera
The Swiss chalet was commissioned by Heinrich Mylius between 1830 and 1840. It is located on a summit above the parkland and offers a view of the wider mountain landscape. In Italy during the beginning of the Risorgimento, this kind of Swiss chalet was charged with political meaning and generally associated with the idea of a free nation.

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Further buildings