Villa Mylius Vigoni

In 1829, Heinrich Mylius bought the main house in Loveno di Menaggio which his last descendent, Ignazio Vigoni, would then leave to the Federal Republic of Germany in 1983.

The enchanting position and the extraordinary view of Lake Como had incited Heinrich Mylius to this acquisition, which he determined to restructure as his summer residence.

The restoration of the manor house was entrusted to the architect Gaetano Besia who added a floor as well as two wings. The plain façade is characterised by four niches, each embellished by marble busts of famous friends of the family: Antonio Kramer, Gaetano Cattaneo, Alessandro Manzoni and Eduard Rüppell.

The interior rooms have been decorated with Grisaille-paintings. Precious furniture, sculptures and tableaux complete the ambiance and are, to this day, an integral part of the fascinating atmosphere in this building.

Important artists of the early 19th century are represented by their works, which tell us about the iconographic programme Heinrich Mylius pursued to preserve the memory of his family.

Villa Mylius Vigoni - Photogallery

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Villa Mylius Vigoni