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Villa Mylius Vigoni conserves the library of Heinrich Mylius with first editions by Goethe, Schiller and Manzoni, as well as the library of the Vigoni family with important volumes dedicated to architecture, arts, history, gardens and exploration. Furthermore, the remains of the historic archives of the families Mylius and Vigoni are conserved here.

Fondo Giulini

In Summer 2004, Maestro Carlo Maria Giulini took the decision to donate the music scores and other orchestral material related to his symphonic activity.

Thanks to his friendship with Erich B. Kusch, who at the time was Villa Vigoni's President, Giulini thought that the Italian-German Centre would be the best location to preserve this part of his archive and to exploit the content of these materials by making them available to scholars and performers.

The 360 music scores belonging to the archive, which range between the second half of the 16th century to nowadays, have been indexed and digitalized under the supervision of Maddalena Matteazzi. The complete catalogue and the sheets that bear notations by the hand of Maestro Giulini are now available.

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