Supporters' Circle

The association "Supporters' Circle of Friends of the Villa Vigoni" supports the work of Villa Vigoni. It aims to contribute to the fostering of cultural exchange between Italy and Germany, putting an emphasis on the fundamental interconnectedness and interdependence beyond national borders. The Supporters' Circle thus continues the tradition of Weimar classicist ideals of a German-Italian friendship, which was advanced in an exemplary fashion by the founding families Mylius and Vigoni.

The Friends of the Villa Vigoni mainly support projects which pertain to preserving and developing the unique atmosphere of the country estate: In unison with the two parks, the composition of villas and surrounding buildings in Loveno (which nowadays houses the Villa Vigoni association) constitutes a significant instance of landscape design in an alpine lakeland. The precious inventory requires ongoing maintenance in order to preserve the ambiance in a long-term perspective.

For example, the Circle of Friends supported the book Der Park der Villa Vigoni which informs readers about the origins and developments of the parks and their botanic population. This publication makes an important chapter of the history of the Villa Mylius-Vigoni easily accessible in a comprehensive manner.
A new greenhouse was financed in order to facilitate the gardeners' work. Additionally, the Supporters' Circle added a large flat-screen monitor to the existing infrastructure in the conference hall in the Villa Garovaglio-Ricci, which is used during many of the events.

Furthermore, the restoration of decorative ornaments was sponsored as well as a commissioned painting of the original benefactor Don Ignazio Vigoni. A generous donation permitted the acquisition of a new grand piano: this Bechstein is excellently suited for the acoustics of the conference room. This initiative of the Supporters' Circle considerably adds to the Villa Vigoni as an event location, enabling outstanding artists to regularly give concerts and thus opening up the institution to the public at large.

Since 2012 the Supporters' Circle is sustaining Villa Vigoni also with regard to the programme contents and in its desire to open up the institution for a younger public. In cooperation with Villa Vigoni, the Supporters' Circle has developed a "German-Italian Students' Forum", kindly supported by the Supporters' Association. This event takes place once a year and addresses young Europeans aged 18-25 giving them the opportunity to discuss crucial European topics together with experts coming from the fields of science, politics and culture.

Because of their extensive commitment, members of the Supporters' Circle enjoy the particular appreciation and hospitality of the Villa Vigoni. They are invited to concerts and talks, special club dinners, as well as meetings with public figures from both countries in the domains of culture, economy, politics, and science.

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Supporters' Circle